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Athlete Profile: Kyler Bayless

Kyler Bayless, senior, holds up a Truman banner to celebrate his admission into the school.

Kyler Bayless, senior, holds up a Truman banner to celebrate his admission into the school.

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As a high school senior, it can be challenging to figure out where to go to college and what to do with one’s life, but senior Kyler Bayless, senior, has just made that decision by committing to Truman State University.

Bayless, quarterback, will continue his football career at Truman.

After his final season of high school football, he still did not know where he wanted to go to college, and like many other seniors, he was overwhelmed by all of the colleges trying to contact him and wanting him to play for them. Soon after the football season ended, he was contacted by the Truman State coach who said he was interested in having Kyler come play for them.

Although he was not considering Truman, he decided to visit the school.

Once he saw the campus and met people there, he fell in love. He said he was drawn to Truman because the coaches really believed in him and he met some other players and students and connected with them.

Truman offered him scholarships for both academics as well as athletics. While it may not be a full-ride scholarship, he said the more he plays the more money he will earn off of his tuition; he will be studying accounting.

Although Bayless started off playing soccer, he decided to try out football when he was in the fourth grade because of his family’s love of the game. His father and uncle both played for awhile and instilled in him the love of the game.

After playing for awhile, he learned he truly loved the game and not just because of his family. He said the “camaraderie with teammates” and the competitive nature is part of what he loves about the game.

Bayless said he also is drawn to the fact that in order to play the game, athletes have to be almost perfect in order to be successful.

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Athlete Profile: Kyler Bayless